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Detailed marketing audits and strategic plans designed to help you plug the leaks in your business and grow your revenue.


Short-term and retainer agreements to advise on marketing funnels, data analysis, conversion optimization and more. 

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Done-for-you offer creation, funnel design and copy for individual pieces or entire marketing campaigns. 

My Clients

Over the past decade, I’ve helped generate over nine figures in sales for my clients…

How I Got Here…
An Unexpected Journey

When I was growing up, I wanted to join the NASA space program or Lockheed’s Skunkworks. I was exceptional at science and math and I wanted to be a part of designing the future.

After getting multiple degrees in aerospace engineering, I spent 20 years supporting the defense industry through Navy Research & Development programs. I was proud of my career, but the truth is I also got burned out and needed a new challenge.

That’s when I discovered copywriting and digital marketing.

While I’ve met quite a few people who are shocked I could transition from an analytical career as an engineer to a creative field, it makes perfect sense to me.

As I’ve become an in-demand copywriter and marketing consultant over the past decade, it’s largely been because of my former career.

I leverage my analytical side to dissect and audit marketing campaigns and strategies. I’m able to see the big picture to identify gaps in strategy and implementation and find connections others have missed. Then, the creative side kicks into gear to brainstorm new marketing angles and how to bring them to life in captivating ways that convert like crazy. The end result… more leads, higher sales and improved customer loyalty and retention.

If this sounds like something you need in your business or organization, let’s talk.

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A Few Strategies I’ve Used To Generate Over Nine Figures in Revenue for My Clients…

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